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duration | 3:30 HR – Sat. Feb 17 th | 2:30 pm

#NurtureDayRetreat Astrology, Numerology, Kundalini

♥️ The First Edition of #NurtureDayRetreat is here for Valentine’s Day! Join us on Saturday Feb 17th!! ♥️

On this afternoon together, led by guest facilitator Elizabeth Bogart, we will dive into Numerology, Astrology and Kundalini to connect with the energy of 2024 for personal reflection and growth.

⭐️This retreat will be divided into two parts (Reflect & Embody) and you choose if you come for the whole day or just one part.

💫Part 1 Reflect: Astrology & Numerology of 2024 – 2:30pm to 4:00pm

This session is designed to support you in understanding your personal numerology and astrology of 2024. We will dive into key themes of the collective numerology and astrology transits and take a look at your personal charts to more deeply understand how to manage your energy this year. As a Valentine’s bonus, we’ll look at your Moon Signs and Venus signs to dive into your love language as it relates to your astrology to give us insight into what makes you feel seen, heard, and loved💛

💫Part 2 Embody: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class – 4:30pm to 6:00pm

This is an opportunity to embody your astrology and “charge your battery” with breath, movement, and mantra. We’ll be doing a specificl Kundalini Kriya & Meditation to support the collective numerology of the year. Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of Experience. Each class, we go through a set of movements called a Kriya, enjoy deep relaxation, and conclude with meditation. This whole experience plays the body like an instrument, known for calming the nervous system and activating the immune system. Kundalini is best understood by doing it, so, come try it out!😍

🤩We are sooo lucky to be led in this offering by Elizabeth, who is a Kundalini and Astrological superstar, a published author and meditation teacher that has learned directly from Gurmukh Khalsa Kaur.

‼️This is open to anyone who is curious about their birth charts and how it relates to the energy for the upcoming year. No previous knowledge needed.

✅Come for just Reflect or Embody for $35 each or $60 for the whole day!

💥Use code EARLYBIRD to receive $5 off any booking until Feb 12th

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