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Everyone Yoga started from the realization that the community of Ridgewood didn’t have any yoga studios, and that there were so many in need of a space to get together to move and release – in a real, real people way. For those who live stressful lives, those who have hectic schedules, those who don’t have time: Everyone Yoga is a space that emerged to become a sacred space for you. We want to replicate the feeling of being at home, where you can feel free to be yourself and show up as you are. We are doing this by bringing yoga to a down to earth style that fosters community, inclusion, and union as its core values, as well as the belief that we are all equals as humans and always “works in progress”. In other words, we won’t care if you can do 
a headstand in our classes or if you wear fancy yoga clothes, we will only care about how you feel after you exit our doors!

We know that even with our yoga practice, life goes 
up and down. Let’s be real: life can get pretty crazy out there! – so we want to offer you shelter from the storm. We promise to be a place where Everyone feels welcome, accepted, and included. Let’s take a step back from it all to find ourselves, together, and let’s do 
it with grace: by being able to laugh at our mistakes, not take things too seriously, and just enjoy life as it is. 
We believe that our differences unite us and make the world a beautiful place. We encourage authenticity and the Uniqueness of All.

We believe that yoga is one of the most powerful 
tools for connection: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We believe that when one heals, we all heal.

We truly believe that

Yoga is for Everyone

Ridgewood is our Home


Our deepest inspiration to open up a yoga studio has always been our beloved Ridgewood.

As locals, we have always known that there has always been something special about this neighborhood even before it started changing so much.

Ridgewood is a place where we feel safe and recognized; a place where we know our neighbors 
and we care about our local businesses and each other.

Ridgewood is a shelter, with so much culture and history, and we would be nothing but honored to build community in such a wonderful place.

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We vow to always look out for Ridgewood and the members of its community; Everyone Yoga will always be -proudly- locally grown.

The Founders

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Meet Maggie, Anna & Amelie, 
the power-magical trio

“We believe that people should always feel welcome, recognized and accepted at all times.

We believe in change, in transformation, not taking things too seriously and having the ability to laugh it out.

We foster creativity, expression, diversity, compassion, imperfection, freedom, awareness, humor, friendliness, and harmony.”

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Anna Sofia Ibarra

(she / her / hers)

Born and raised in a small town in Mexico, brought by destiny to NYC, Anna Sofia is a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher who created the platform Continua Conciencia and co-founded Everyone Yoga NYC.

Anna Sofia has always considered herself an “Old soul” with a clear purpose in life: to be a channel to contribute to the awakening and expansion of the collective consciousness. She believes in doing so through the constant practice of compassion and self-reflection, as she believes everything starts within.

Being a passionate energy practitioner and devoted yogi, Anna Sofia has had the opportunity to exchange energy with hundreds of people through reiki sessions and initiations, as well as through instructing different yoga classes like Vinyasa, chair yoga, prenatal and kids Yoga. Her heart will always be in her hometown in Sinaloa Mexico, where she opened her first yoga studio called The Genki State Yoga.

She currently lives in Ridgewood with her husband -and Ridgewood native-, her toddler and her pug, who she loves deeply and are her biggest form of Yoga. It is through their love that she continues her life’s purpose and could not be any more thankful to have been given the opportunity to create a space where she once again will serve as a channel for human connection and healing.

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Maggie Malesytcki

Maggie made mountains of excuses for years about why she couldn’t do yoga despite knowing it was exactly what she needed for her depression and anxiety.

Years of working in the service industry left her feeling physically broken and hopeless, with chronic pain and unhealthy habits that seemed impossible to overcome. Growing up and living within the self-imposed confines of an isolating health condition (hyperhidrosis) left her feeling alone and a prisoner of her body. When she finally came to a breaking point and realized she had to take a serious step towards making a change, she left her comfort zone and took the first leap towards healing. She found a beginner’s yoga class in Ridgewood in 2019 and stuck with it through the encouragement and support of loving teachers and classmates.

Maggie found freedom and connection with her body that she never imagined through yoga. She went from not being able to turn her neck without pain to being able to touch her toes and do a headstand. If she can do it, you can do it! She truly believes that Everyone can do yoga.

She feels beyond blessed to be able to be a hub of healing for the community. You might hear Maggie’s laugh before you see her: she embodies the light and love within as a Strawberry.

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Amelie Kang

(she / her / hers)

“The universe makes room for those who know where they are going”. Guided by her favorite quote, Amelie believes in the power of action, manifestation, and determination.

Believing that only a strong connection between the mind, body, and spirit can bring leaps and bounds of progress, Amelie began her yoga and meditation journey way back in 2008.

Equipped with entrepreneurial experience, RYT training, and passion to guide others in their yoga journeys, Amelie prides herself on being one of the founders of Everyone Yoga, a yoga studio built by the community, for the community in Ridgewood.

Outside yoga and meditation, Amelie is also recognized for her culinary talent, dedication to the hospitality industry, and for leading the wave of new Chinese restaurants in New York City. She was named on Eater’s Young Guns list in 2018, Forbes 30 Under 30, and Eater New Guard of New York in 2020.

The teachers

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