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Dear Ridgewood, we are so happy
to be here!

As part of our opening prices, we are providing a sliding scale for our neighborhood:

We are trusting that you will choose to pay what 
you can. Know that your contribution to pay what you can helps community members who are in need to experience the benefits of yoga.

Drop in

Our fair price for a drop in is $25, but we understand that this isn’t possible at times, so we are offering drop ins as low as $10 for Community classes and $22 for regular classes.


(Community classes)


(Community classes)


A drop in with a break!


(Our suggested price for a drop in)




We love a passionate Yogi!

Our way of helping you establish your yoga practice is by offering you $150 for unlimited yoga per month. (Auto-renew, with the ability to cancel for the next month). Includes mat storage!

Note: please email 5 days before the renewal date to let them know you wish to cancel your membership for the next month. 

You will get:

  • Unlimited yoga for one Month
  • Mat Storage



Become part of our founding community!

Access to unlimited yoga for 
a full year for just $1299. Membership includes mat 
storage and discounted pricing for special events!

Note: we cannot freeze annual memberships, the commitment is for 12 months straight!

You will get:

  • Unlimited yoga for one year
  • Mat Storage
  • Special prices
  • Guest passes!

Class packs



Become part of our community with no commitment!

Get classes for $20 each!


  • 1 month after the first class



Get the best deal!

Each class for just $18!


  • 3 months after the first class!

Please consider that we are a new business funded locally and that we are hoping to be sustainable so we can grow and keep serving our beloved Ridgewood.

If these pricing options still don’t fit your needs, please drop us an email at to talk about alternatives. We offer special discounts to Ridgewood local residents in financial need as well as BIPOC folks. No one within our community will be ever turned away for lack of funds.