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duration | 120 MIN – Sat. Mar 9 th | 2:30 pm

Standing, Twisting & Balancing Workshop

In the second workshop of Back to the Roots, Mackenzie Proud and Katya Danko will work through standing poses, twists, and balances that are frequently cued in class and often misunderstood. Like, seriously, who truly understands what a Drishti is?! We got you! We will review all the main elements needed to engage successfully in the most used poses of a Vinyasa class such as the Warriors, Half Moon, Triangle, Extended Side Angle, Revolved Triangles and Revolved Half Moon.

Students will have the opportunity to:

-Learn/refine the proper alignment and muscular engagement of poses

-Learn how to properly and smoothly transition in between poses

-Deepen their understanding of the intentions behind poses

-Break down unuseful patterns

Build up strength and technique to advance to more challenging standing postures such as the infamous binds!!

With two teachers in the room each student will receive individualized support and guidance to ensure attendees leave with expanded knowledge that they can bring to any class.
Saturday March 9th from 2:30pm-4:30pm

$45 with code EARLYBIRD until March 5th ($50 afterwards)

Save the dates for the upcoming monthly workshops from this series!  (April 6th & May 4th) 

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